!! OMG, Kate Middleton has a Scone in the oven, or is that Scon? !!

Wi.ll.iam Willam William and Kate are expecting [celebitchy]
Pope Bene-tweet [towleroad]
Willam’s video “seems very pointed right now” [popbytes]
“Stop right now, [no] thank you very much”, Posh is going home ? [celebitchy]
Porno Parody gives SHADE to Universal Studios [popbytes]
Gandalf the Pink, Ian Mckellen fights for marriage equality [towleroad]
I’m moving to North Korea [jezebel]
Finally: Straight Girls respond to Straight Guys, who were responded to by Gay Girls; both in response to Gay Guys, threatening to marry Straight Guy’s Straight Girls [towleroad]
Kim Kar-crash-ian brings crowds to tears [jezebel]
I thought he was going out with Gillian Anderson?! [celebuzz]
Oh Brad, you naughter [evilbeet]
Take that, Fundamentalist Shouty man-with-straps-all-over-you [dlisted]
Forget about Chris, Rihanna’s wearing a CAMO SNUGGIE [evilbeet]
Lets not have a Gleeglee. Oh o.k. [towleroad]
Backstreet Boy gives some Dad-vice to One Direction [popcrush]
Blohan goes Blllloke [celebitchy]
Heidi upstages Lindsay‘s Cleopatra [amygrindhouse]
Y’all getting a whole lot of Honey for Christmas [cityrag]

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