!! OMG, watch Kim Wilde perform “Kids in America” on a train !!

After getting somewhat over refreshed at British radio station Magic 104.5’s office Christmas rager last night, Kim Wilde decided to keep the party alive on the train ride home. The star pulled out a pair of antlers and serenaded several under refreshed-looking London commuters with an acoustic rendition of her signature ’80s hit “Kids In America” and the holiday classic “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree.”
“After a truly rubbish day, I got on the train home and couldn’t get a seat, a man pulled out his guitar ‘Oh here we go!’ I thought,” the above video’s owner writes. “Then a drunken woman starts singing. Hang on a minute, I know that voice?! It really was KIM WILDE! This totally made my day.”

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2 Comments on "OMG, watch Kim Wilde perform “Kids in America” on a train"

  1. So cute.She sounds great. Can’t understand why some of the commuters look annoyed.

  2. Guess she did not have a good financial planner to invest her money and now she rides the subway.

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