!! OMG, Lady Gaga/Michael Bolton collabo! !!

Last year omgblog.com reported the extremely important news that Lady Gaga had written songs for Michael Bolton’s new album. During our interview, the pop star told us that she’d written “a huge f*cking love song” for the adult contemporary icon. Here’s what else Gaga had to say about working with Bolton:

He’s so amazing and so talented and so kind and so wise. He’s become a really good friend of mine. At first I was intimidated because he’s pretty legendary in adult contemporary music and he’s really known for having the most epic love songs. He’s had so many hits and all I’m thinking is, what the f*ck am I going to write for this guy? He sang “Time, Love and Tenderness”! What the hell am I going to write for him? We actually did this totally amazing record together. I think it’ll surprise a lot of people and right now we’re talking about me singing on it with him, which I think would be awesome.

This week one of the songs reportedly penned by Gaga leaked online. It’s called “Murder My Heart”. Give it a listen above and tell us if you think it lives up to the non-hype.

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5 Comments on "OMG, Lady Gaga/Michael Bolton collabo!"

  1. Heard it @ some other place not impressed by it YAWN…

  2. It’s not bad. Your typical pop song. It’ll make its rounds on the radio and be remixed in clubs. Then a few years later it will fade into memory and be one of those songs you stumble upon in your playlist every few months on random.

  3. It’s not bad I guess….
    But it’s a Lady Gaga song… sung by Michael Bolton.
    It just seems off.

  4. I too love this song (and I love OMG). It actually pushes Michael’s husky voice into a different direction…

  5. Well, I am hooked on this song. Who knew Michael Bolton would have a song I would enjoy. It’s really good.

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