!! OMG, leaked Madonna: Hard Candy !!

Someone posted seven leaked tracks from Madonna’s new Hard Candy album over at ONTD. Give them a listen before they’re gone!

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6 Comments on "OMG, leaked Madonna: Hard Candy"

  1. Ok I guess I agree its like comparing christina to britney one can really sing and the other can make really catchy dance tracks ehhh well ok they both can create dance tracks.

  2. No dispute necessary. Both of their albums suck.

  3. They are 2 different artist who sing different kinds of music… u can’t compare.. They are both good at what they do and people should not put thm up against eachother.. I’m sure both can give a flying fuck about one another

  4. mariah’s never one-upped anyone at anything. she can sing, but that’s about it.

  5. Sorry but Mariah so one upped Madonna with her album this just isn’t very good a futile attemp at trying to be revelant again.

  6. The entire album has leaked. Search for it on Google.

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