!! OMG, listen to the new Rufus Wainwright single: “Out of the Game” !!

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Toronto hater-turned-Toronto resident Rufus Wainwright is back with his seventh studio album Out of the Game, which he insists is his best and most pop radio-friendly effort to date. It was produced by that impeccably-coiffed, knob-twiddling heartthrob Mark Ronson, whom I hope to gay marry one day and thus unwittingly lure to Toronto.
Read what Rufus has to say about the leisurely title track and lead single:

“This came to me through seeing what kids today do to themselves for attention, doing all that they have to do on YouTube. When I started out, I jumped through a lot of hoops, but I was pretty dead set on having it be about the music. I did create an image, too, but the older I get, the more exhausting that whole concept becomes. For the first two verses I’m complaining, but in the third verse, it’s tinged with envy as well. I’d like to be that age again and that silly, that excited about idiotic things. So I’m not being insensitive, just tired.”

Now give it a listen:

Out of the Game comes out via Decca Records on May 1 in the US and April 24 in Canada.

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