!! OMG, listen to this: Com Truise’s Hour-Long Retro-Futuristic Computer Oddyssey Mix !!

This new mix from retro-futuristic production genius Com Truise (who has paved his way into fast becoming the face of the sound of soundtrack-like computer tunes of yesteryear) will make you want to hop in your 1982 Trans Am, hit the highway and drive all night.
Check out his fantastic hour-long mix which he’s prepared exclusively in anticipation of the Decibel International Festival of Electronic Music Performance, Visual Art and New Media in Seattle, Washington this September below, and find the tracklisting after the jump!

Wolfgang Städele – On Location
P. Briffa & B. Lamastre -­ French Smurf
Wolfgang Städele -­ Infinity
Alfaluna ­ Stelle – Sconosciute
Daniel Bouldoires & Dominique Labarre – ­ Laisser Aller
Frederic Mercier -­ Spirit
Proxyon – Space Travellers (Dub Edit)
Firecracker – U Can Dance O Kane
Firecracker – Flash The Groove
Com Truise – Old Demo 22.5
Tycho – Awake (Com Truise Remix)
Ray Russell & Peter Van Hook – Up­Front
James Asher – 42nd Street
Birdy – Floating On High
Roots – Behind You (Version 2)
Birdy – Sweet Salt Tears
Andy Clark – It’s Me!
Andy Clark – Future Sight (a)
Airliner ­ Her – Crutch
[via thump.vice]

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