!! OMG, LISTEN TO THIS: Glass Candy cover Herb Alpert’s ‘Rise’ !!


On The First Glass Candy Trip Overseas…
Ida & I Were Invited To A Late Night Disco After Our Show In London.
We Were Sweaty.
We Were Jet Lagged.
We Were Exhausted.
It Was Freezing Outside.
But We Decided To Say “Yes”.
After We Sent Our Electronics Safely To The Hotel, We Took A Black Cab Through The Wet Streets Of London.
Fatigued & Drunk, The Whiplash From The Driver Speeding Down The “Wrong” Side Of The Street Added To The Ambience.
We Arrived At A Tiny Club In The Dark.
As The Door Opened…The Most Beautiful Music Started Spilling Out Onto The Streets & Into Our Eardrums.
It Was Herb Alpert’s Masterpiece “Rise”.
Courtesy Of The Heavenly DJs At Horse Meat Disco.
As Tired As We Were, We Felt Nothing.
For The Next Three Hours, It Felt Like We Were Dancing On Clouds.
I Have No Memory Of Us Returning To Our Hotel Beds That Night.
We Woke The Next Morning & Couldn’t Get “Rise” Out Of Our Heads.
A Few Months Later When I Moved To Montreal…
Ida Decided She Wanted It To Be The First Piece Of Music We Recorded In Our New Studio.
If There Is A Place Called Heaven…I Hope The DJ Plays Herb Alpert.
Thank You Horse Meat Disco For One Of The Most Beautiful Nights We’ve Ever Had On The Road.

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