!! OMG, Look How She’s Grown: Rainbow Brite !!

If anyone was ready for a slutty makeover, it’s 80’s cartoon pixie Rainbow Brite. After all, “ladies” have been doing Rainbow for Halloween for years now. Why shouldn’t the doll herself follow suit?
Well good news, cuz she is! Little girls in platform heels, tube-tops and frosted lipgloss can now rejoice, because the formerly dumpy and prepubescent Ms. Brite is set to drop a few pounds, add some curves, and hike up her hemline with the release of her new line of dolls in January, according to Playthings magazine:

Playmates plans a line of fashion dolls, plush and role-play toys that will reach retailers in time for fall 2009. The toys will “honor the nostalgic look, indomitable spirit and energy that Rainbow Brite embodies with a trendy tween redesign that girls will adore,” according to United Media.

Nothing says indomitable like having all your snacks hanging out!
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2 Comments on "OMG, Look How She’s Grown: Rainbow Brite"

  1. dallas daniel hessler junior | May 30, 2011 at 11:39 am | Reply

    i love rainbow brite

  2. I am so sad to be too old to play with dolls. Because these rule.

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