!! OMG, makin’ Gianni proud: Versace for H&M !!

If you open up your closet to an eye blast of bold colors, shiny materials, leather, studs, fur, prints, and tight-tight-tight silhouettes, then you’re clearly already wearing loads of Versace. If, on the other hand, your wardrobe is missing much-needed flash, then get yourself down to H&M to snag some down-market designer duds. Here’s the runway footage from last night’s Versace for H&M show in New York… although (unfortunately) you cannot also snag the models.
(via Ohlala)

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2 Comments on "OMG, makin’ Gianni proud: Versace for H&M"

  1. so who’s the fricken winner of the contest already!??????????

  2. Finally, everyone can look like cheap whores for less money.

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