!! OMG, meet the new “homebody”: Lindsay Lohan !!

You know what, mad props and kudos and snaps to Lindsay Lohan if indeed she’s turned a corner, gotten partying out of her system, and re-focused her goals — as she claims in a Today Show interview with Matt Lauer to promote her upcoming Saturday Night Live hosting gig — but can I pah-lease point out that LiLo said, “I’ve become more of a homebody, and I like that” without even the slightest mention of the time she spent under house arrest. Becoming “a homebody” wasn’t so much of a choice…
(via People)

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4 Comments on "OMG, meet the new “homebody”: Lindsay Lohan"

  1. 23% Talent, 77% Disaster.

  2. Anyone who knows what it’s like to battle an addiction would understand the ups and downs.. Even though this might not be the change she claims it is she is at least trying and it takes a lot to be judged constantly by millions of people. It’s easy for people to sit from their computers and trash talk her but at least try to show some empathy.

  3. She’s so gross. The only reason anyone pays attention to her now is to see what particular shade of skank she’s wearing that day.

  4. i’m with Phillip on this one, being forcibly put under house arrest does not a homebody make. Paris Hilton tried the same speech after being put in jail saying it had changed her and she was going to use her publicity to raise awareness on important issues. Fast forward a few years and a few dozen hangovers later, she’s still the same old Paris she was before.

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