!! OMG, Merry Catmas! !!

!! omg blog !! is on vacation through January 1. We’ll be back in the New Year with all your favorite things.
If my precious cat Anderson Pooper with a Christmas bow on his head isn’t enough to get you in the holiday spirit, then watch the We Are The Toys video, which will have special resonance to anyone who grew up in the 80s. (Thanks to Craig for the tip!)
Thanks again for all your support throughout the Gay Bloggies, which have officially ended. The results will be announced soon!
See you in 2008! xo Frank

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39 Comments on "OMG, Merry Catmas!"

  1. That is a really fetching photo of you…You’re both adorable. 🙂

  2. hey congrats on the gay bloggies!!!
    it’s so awesome and i know you’ve worked so hard on it 😉

  3. OMG frank, it is so nice to see a great picture of you. You are so handsome and should show off more!

  4. well, you are just adorable… when will we be treated to the headline, OMG, FRANK’S NAKED!

  5. OMG! Blog with no post has left me with nothing to do on my winter break. but atleast i got a good lookin pic of Frank!

  6. I was gonna’ come post about how hot Frank is or how not hot lack of OMG blog is… but instead I’m gonna talk about how freakin’ hot Anderson Pooper is!!!

  7. OMG I am totally over this. You must come back and post again soon. A day without OMG blog is like a day without sunshine!
    🙂 Happy New Year!

  8. So great to see your beautiful face =)

  9. agreed!!! frank is a cutie!
    cute dimples, nice eyes, and arms… purrrrr-fect. lol

  10. Oh my god you are so hot. Let us see more of you…

  11. OMG what a cutie… oh and so is the owner!

  12. OMG! HE’S HOT!

  13. you and anderson pooper are both cute. love the tail.

  14. Handsome man Frank!Hope u can post more pics of urs!and happy 2008!

  15. OMG: Frank is HOT.
    It’s nice to finally see the stud behind the computer, you look great man!
    I love the blog, I tell all my friends about it, hope you have a great New Year!!!

  16. OMG… you are just so handsome! Keep up the great work… love your blog!

  17. “omg: what a cutie”
    “The blogger from omgblog.com is a cutie, but Anderson Pooper doesn’t seem to like the bow.”

  18. Frank is sexy! Happy holidays!

  19. Finally you post a cute boy in this blog of yours~

  20. Happy Holidays x.o.x.o.

  21. You are a nice looking man. You should have shown us more of that handsome face…a maybe a bit of the body below…during the bloggies.

  22. Well Merry Christmas to you and Anderson Pooper as well, sweetie! Never realized how cute you were. 🙂

  23. merry xmas to one and all

  24. Frank is a HOTTIE :-))

  25. Hey Frank,
    Just wanted to say that I voted for you throughout the Bloggies and I hope you win. I loved your entries and found them entertaining, wheras the others…not as much. I definitely gave you a thumbs up throughout the competition.
    I hope you and Anderson Pooper have a great Christmas and happy New Year!
    PS. Great pic…you’re very cute

  26. damn boyyy 😉
    its great to see the mastermind behind the site for once, lol
    merry xmas!

  27. well frank i don’t know who’s cuter u or ur cat. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!

  28. Merry Christmas, Frank!
    from Gail in California!

  29. Happy Holidays!! Nice to see a pic of you, youre a real cutie;)

  30. Merry Christmas!! Enjoy your (much deserved) break…though I will certainly miss you!
    take care,

  31. frank is that you on the pic? you’re hot! 🙂

  32. OMG! You’re adorable!
    I love your blog and hope you win the bloggies!

  33. OMG frank is so hot!

  34. you’re hot… and your cat is sooooooooo cute!

  35. you are adorable

  36. Is that you?! I’ve never seen you before! Wow…cutie patootie! :o) Merry Christmas!

  37. A pic that makes the holidays all the more festive! =)

  38. So cute! (and nice cat, too!) 🙂

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