!! OMG, music video round-up: The Sound of Arrows, Kanye West, Alex Winston and Cut Copy !!

So many pop videos, so little time. Here are four you simply must watch…

Remember The Sound of Arrows? The Swedish pop duo with The Neverending Story obsession and the air of self-deprecating narcissism? Exciting news: their debut album Hurts is finished and they have an emotive new single called “Nova” coming out in the United Kingdom in April. The song’s official video is set in a magical cave that is apparently so warm one of guys had to remove his shirt in order to stare longingly into our eyes.

The first thing everyone says when they see Kanye West‘s “All of the Lights” video is, “Rihanna’s breasts look AH-MAZING in that dress.” The second thing they say is, “Wow, they just straight-up copied the opening title sequence from Gaspar Noe’s Enter the Void.”
So, to all the lesbians, re-touchers, foreign film fans and typography nerds among our readership: here is your next illuminating dinner party conversation starter. In the words of Mr. West, “You’re welcome.”

A week or so ago we introduced you to the menacing synths of Austra, a band who’s sound seems to herald a new renaissance in goth-friendly music. For further evidence of how this dark wave is infiltrating the pop world, watch indie artist Alex Winston‘s new-ish “Locomotive” video. The Detroit native’s mini-album Sister Wife (produced by The Knocks) is out via HeavyRoc on March 4th.

We have Aussie pop band Cut Copy‘s new record Zonoscope on constant replay. “Need You Now”, its epic opening track, gets a typically wacky video treatment from omgblog favorite Keith Schofield, the director behind Charlotte Gainsbourg and Beck’s “Heaven Can Wait” and The BPA “Toe Jam” among many other great videos.

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  1. Great tune. I love their sound. On the way to Amazon Mp3 to buy it now . . .

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