!! OMG, music video round-up: Rye Rye, Uffie, Kele, La Roux & Sky Ferreira !!

It’s been a while since our last music video round-up. Frankly, there hasn’t been a whole lot of hot shit/super clever videos worth writing about of late but after doing a brief Internet search, we’ve found a few noteworthy pop videos that are water cooler worthy. So let’s get to it… Our first clip is courtesy of rapid-fire rapper Rye Rye and co-stars her mentor M.I.A. who is looking typically bad ass in a t-shirt that reads “F*ck Google, ask me!” The video is for Rye Rye’s summer-y mid tempo jam “Sunshine”, which we blogged about last week.

Second up is long-lost French pop star Uffie. Three years ago unctuous underground French electro rappers were all the rage but then suddenly they all vanished faster than you can say “tecktonik”. Uffie has returned, however, and the concept for her new video “Difficult” falls into the aforementioned hot shit/super clever category.

The last time charismatic British gym queen Kele dropped a new video the streets of New York were awash in his tears. Judging from the zany vid for “One The Lam” (in which he takes off his shirt and does chin-ups), he’s recovered from that experience.
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La Roux shot a perfectly good video for “In For The Kill” last year but I guess their US label felt like it needed to be freshened up (as they say) in light of “Bulletproof” belatedly blowing up Stateside. Take Two was directed by the creative collective LEGS, whom we recently interviewed about their MTV VMA-nominated Florence and the Machine video “Dog Days Are Over”. (Incidentally that one was also second version video.)

Sky Ferreira is an 18-year-old pop star who seems to be setting herself up as The Reluctant Lolita. We were totally digging her UK single “One” but execs at her label apparently felt that it didn’t sound annoying enough for American consumers so they made her release “Obsession” as her US debut instead. Naturally she reacted by venting on Twitter, saying: “Apparently I have to do tacky ‘radio friendly’ songs to make it. I think I’ll pass on ‘making it’ then.”
Thus the above video is either tantamount to indentured pop star labor or once Michael Madsen agreed to co-star in the video, she had change of heart about ‘making it’. “I’m grateful for [Obsession] because I understand what I have to do. I mean, it’s a compromise I have to deal with, but it’s a really catchy song and stuff,” she told The Guardian. “I guess it’s good to have one of those songs.”

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  1. El Guincho has an amazing new video out, too:
    It’s kinda NSFW, because it has boobies in it. Not really sexualized boobies, more like artsy boobies. Either way, the video is weird and amazing, and the song is obsession worthy.

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