!! OMG, my new hero: Russell Brand !!

I love Russell Brand, host of last night’s MTV VMAs, because he did what nobody else would do; he tore The Jonas Brothers some new orifaces because they wear virginal “Promise Rings”.
Here are some of my favourite (paraphrased) quotes:

They could have sex with anyone in the world. It’s a bit ungrateful, really. It’s like if Superman decided to never fly again and just took the bus everywhere.

Here comes Taylor Swift to bring on The Jonas Brothers. It’s gonna be a long time before she brings any of them off!

And finally Brand’s retort after unbelievably obnoxious Jordin Sparks said that everyone who doesn’t wear a Promise Ring is a slut:

I have to apologize about making fun of The Jonas Brothers for wearing Promise Rings. I don’t want to piss off American teenagers – I want the opposite actually. No, wait, that doesn’t mean I want to piss on American teenagers…I hear that’s been a problem here in this country and I don’t want any of that rhubarb!


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18 Comments on "OMG, my new hero: Russell Brand"

  1. Russell Brand is 101% great!! he did a good job at the VMA did just what he was hired to do make ppl talk about the show and boy are they!

  2. I’m not sure why people got so upset. I thought he was funny and a breath of fresh air. Plus, it’s MTV, and even though it’s not as edgy as it used to be, people are bitching like it was on the Disney channel.
    Great for the Jonas Bros that they wear the rings, great for Jordin Sparks being uptight and in obvious need of a lay, great for the people who got offended.
    But I got a kick out of it all and was still dissapointed that there wasn’t a truly debauched moment the entire night.

  3. I must be getting old… I don’t give a shit about any one of these people.

  4. Russell Brand was awful. His hair is so 80’s Duran Duran….I am sick of all the caustic British Eurotrash on our television shows. We need to employ Americans.

  5. Russell Brand IS a god, you’re right. I cannot wait to see what else he will do! My favorite!!!!!

  6. Who is Russell Brand? Is he who Yahoo Serious grew up to be?

  7. It just amazes me how people idolize these slimey slutty cretins. What’s wrong with giving American kids someone to look up to-someone that isn’t in the news everyday because they are immature vile beings.
    Russel Brand should be shipped back to his own country on a raft with nothing but a Britney video to keep him company … shut up and leave!

  8. omg, Russel Brand was hilarious!! I thought the whole attack on the Jonas brothers thing was so funny. Especially when he said he got one of their rings… lol. I don’t know y everyone’s so shocked. I mean, like mary said, it’s not the church channel! And i betcha all 3 of the Jonas brothers are just wearing the rings as a publicity thing. Just to seem “pure…”

  9. Russell Brand is a no-talent asshole. His comments at the VMAs were not only out of line they were tasteless and unfunny. Who the fuck is anybody to decide when others should have sex? I couldn’t care less about the Jonas Brothers, and as a left-wing, gay, atheist, I don’t really understand the concept of keeping oneself “pure,” but it’s their decision.

  10. Jordin Sparks is a fat stupid anti-choice nazi cow.

  11. Britney was the real star of the show. She looked amazing and she won 3 awards in a row. Seeeee…that’s what happens when people vote. I voted for her millions of times.

  12. Russel is a god 😀 At last someone finally seems to have broken the aparently taboo of making jokes about the Jonas brothers. they’re just boring little poppy brats, fiar game, really.

  13. Fuck Jordin Sparks, The Jonas Brothers and all of them. BRITNEY SPEARS ROCKX ONCE AGAIN! I KNEW SHE WOULD ROCK!

  14. Russell Brand is a bit of a god here in the UK. His sense of humour is a little off the wall and certainly something that a lot of you guys across the pond won’t actually get (no offence intended – I don’t get a lot of your humour either). But stick with him and see how he develops, ‘cos he makes me laugh so much and is very clever and quick-witted.

  15. Russel Brand is flatly boring.

  16. Jordin was right.

  17. i totally agree. russel brand was funny!! and what the hell is wrong with talking about that–its MTV. its not the church channel. i dont see why that was so shocking. and the jonas brothers are idiots. why are they famous again?? little ugly twerps!

  18. LOL, finally someone sticking it to the Jonas brothers, ohh god i wish one of them was gay just to throw a spanner into the works hahahahaha

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