!! OMG, need badvice?…ask Rob Ford, I mean Prophecia the NSFW crack-head !!

OMG, need badvice?…ask Rob Ford Prophecia the NSFW crack-head [doubleviking]
Tadaa!: Tilda Swinton’s glit glam at Cannes [dlisted]
Roger that: Robbie Rogers plays for Galaxy [towleroad]
Gotta catch ’em all: Todd Sanfield Underwear Collection [queerty]
Pining for him: Chris Pine already has a new gf [celebitchy]
Ada-ore: Jerome Adamol by Tony Duran [ohlala]
Celebcafe’s Top 10 Ways to have the Best Summer Ever!
Head first: Gary Go’s ‘Through the Walls’ [arjan]
Mariah’s mouth is splurgin’ honey: Mariah curses on GMA [popbytes]
I scream: Dogs eating ice scream [jezebel]
Hough down: Derek Hough & Samuel Larsen for Ciroc [socialitelife]
Lena Dunham gets pissed about porn parody [kenneth]
Turtle head: Kim defends the humble turtleneck [evilbeet]
23 reasons why Afterelton loves birthday boy Chris Colfer [thebacklot]
Kim Kardashian’s a real squealer [amygrindhouse]
Anti-gay marriage protests end in violence in France [joemygod]
Waylon Lowe is suing because his penis swelled up [tabloidprodigy]
Amanda Bynes got puched in the vaj [theblemish]

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