!! OMG, new band (with !! omgblog !! association) alert: Trust !!

Dark synth duo Trust has been a familiar force on the Toronto after hours circuit for the last several months and have now finally surfaced above the radar with a surprisingly sunny music video for their debut single “Candy Walls”.
We are especially excited for this video because Trust’s male half is none other than our former gig photographer Robert, who braved the glamorous world of pop star mosh pits to capture the likenesses of photogenic females such as Little Boots and Peaches. Turns out he’s quite photogenic himself, which is perhaps why he put down the camera and picked up the microphone. Did he learn a few things about working it on stage from this brief photo blogger stint? Are we rewriting the narrative to give ourselves undue credit in the event they blow up big time? Find out by attending Trust’s upcoming gigs in Austin and New York:
Trust tour dates:
March 15 – Austin, TX @ Elysium (SXSW)
March 17 – Austin, TX @ Stereogum/Sacred Bones/Chaos In Tejas Party @ Beerland (SXSW)
April 20 – New York, NY @ Home Sweet Home (Record release party @ Wierd)
April 22 – Brooklyn, NY @ Coco 66
“Candy Walls” is due out via Brooklyn-based indie imprint Sacred Bones on March 29th. Check out the NSFW record sleeve after the jump!

trust candy walls.jpg

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  1. @Kari Emil – Some time in the New Year.

  2. They were hard to find on iTunes but I eventually managed to. When’s an album forthcoming?

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