!! OMG, new Britney video: ‘Gimme More’ !!

Now we know why Britney Spears was dancing like a tired stripper at the VMAs. It’s the truly original theme of her new “Gimme More” video! The video is a bit boring, but at least she’s not wearing a bikini and she smiles once or twice. (via Ethan Says)
Plus there is a pure, blonde version of herself that is making fun of the trashy stripper version, and you have to appreciate the many layers of irony in that.

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3 Comments on "OMG, new Britney video: ‘Gimme More’"

  1. A video set in a sleazy bar?! Wow, she really must’ve had to reach deep down into her acting talent to be able to seem at home in a place like that.

  2. Gimme More BUDGET.
    This shit is cheap!
    Just like the wig.

  3. wow- they should have gone more for this look on the VMAs– she obviously couldn’t learn a bunch of choreography for the video so don’t even try, do something else.
    And those fishnets and that top would have been a much better choice for a live performance– some illusion fabric can help cover your sins.
    It’s really sad to see that smile of hers– you get a glimpse of the lovely pre-death-spiral Brit.

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