!! OMG, new Charo: ‘España Cañi’ !!

The folks over at the WOW Report have made the music video for coochie coochie queen Charo’s latest track “España Cañi.” The song really shows off Charo’s mad guitar skillz (she is totally amazing, that’s her playing on the track), and the video features an adorable baby bull and a hot shirtless matador with a big package, plus of course the fabulous Charo herself dancing, playing the guitar, and looking beautiful, skinny, and young. I want to play this on a loop at my next house party.

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6 Comments on "OMG, new Charo: ‘España Cañi’"

  1. Seems I truly missed the point indeed! I have to say, I didn’t watch all of it, cause I was a bit offended by the matador thing. So I stand corrected. Guess no one can be right EVERY time… Not even me!? 😉

  2. There is a message in this video…
    “Dance – DON’T Bull Fight”
    Charo feels like you that Bull Fighting is barbaric and disgusting.
    She would like to see it banned. The song happens to be a great Spanish gypsy melody – that was adopted by Bull fighters – here Charo puts the great song to better use and attempts to deliver an anti-bull fighting message.
    So sorry you missed the point.

  3. I’m not saying it was clear, but I think that was the point Charo was trying to make. No live bulls were injured in the video, just footage, and I think the idea was don’t chase bulls, chase booty instead-it’s more fun for everyone.
    It’s a good thing Charo has said mad guitar skillz. The hootchies in the background left her far behind with the cootchie dances.
    It was pretty catchy, though.

  4. That dude looks like a Puerto Rican to me. They should have had a Spaniard to do that. Hell, even another European would suffice.
    I do love Charo, though.

  5. They should have gotten a Spanish guy to do the video. There are plenty of good looking Spaniards who could have done this. This dude looks way too afromestizo

  6. I absolutely love Charo. I mean, how can you not? And she is a true genius on the guitar as always. But Bullfighting is cruel beyond words, and depicting it in such a glamorous way, making it look like it’s all hip or what have you, is a huge sin in my book.

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