!! OMG, new details: Joe Manganiello talks ‘Magic Mike’ !!

This Magic Mike movie we keep hearing about is going to be epic, EPIC I tell you. Of course, we already know about the lineup of Hollywood studs staring in Steven Soderbergh‘s film about Channing Tatum‘s stripper career, but one of the cast members recently hinted at just how much skin we should expect. Joe Manganiello said this of his character, Big Dick Richie: “Big Dick Richie?That’s the reason to do it.

There’s definitely a scene that will answer those questions. Everybody kinda does their own thing…Big sexy Kevin Nash has his Tarzan thing, I’ve got my fireman thing, Matt Bomer’s got a doctor thing going on, Adam Rodriguez does a Latino lover bit.” The new Village People archetypes? I think so. Manganiello also had this to add: “You are going to see a surprising amount. Shocking amount, actually.”
(via Towleroad)

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  1. I hope so, but I’ll believe it when I see it. Actors often say those things about movies with sexy themes, then there is very little in the final edit. ‘Making of’ features on DVDs sometimes even talk about how little gets shown, by design. If they show too much of the hot actor then how can they sell the next movie where they want to tease you about that hot actor showing skin?

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