!! OMG, new Fritz Helder video: ‘Makin a Scene’ !!

Masters of the dance beat Fritz Helder and the Phantoms have released their first video for their first single from their first album!
Watch the video for “Makin’ a Scene” above (don’t miss the awesome cameo by Nelly Furtado), download some tracks from their MySpace page, then go buy their album Greatest Hits! Your party guests will thank you.

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3 Comments on "OMG, new Fritz Helder video: ‘Makin a Scene’"

  1. Masters of the dance beat? It just sounds to me like they’re masters of the Casio keyboard one of them got for Christmas. Cute makeup jobs, though.

  2. ohhh someone owns a coach bag!
    i think these “kids” look “old” enough to know about voguing and CKone…from the first couple times around.
    when something is “last season” it means: its over!
    blk n wht videos and voguing will never be last season, they’re fashion staples and classics
    Im just glad that somone finaly put COACH in their place!
    too funny

  3. Are they shooting for irony here? Singing “your Coach bag is so last season” yet ripping off CK One commercials, circa when? And Voguing? Is the younger generation just “discovering” it now and trying to bring it back? To quote Margaret Cho, “queen, puh-leeease…”

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