!! OMG, new Gentleman Reg album: “Leisure Life” !!

Platinum blonde singer-songwriter Gentleman Reg has announced the release of his fifth studio album, Leisure Life. The twist? He’s taking a page from Robyn’s Body Talk strategic playbook and putting it out as a trilogy. Part one is out digitally on July 3 via Heavy Head Records and the final album is due later in physical form through Heavy Head/Outside Music. Produced by Chris Stringer (Timber Timbre/Ohbijou), Leisure Life is Reg’s first album to feature a consistent band line-up.
Here is the track listing for Leisure Life Part 1:
1. Waiting Around For Gold
2. Too Drunk
3. I Could Be What You Wanted
4. Driving The Truth
5. Solo Shows
And here is a stream of lead single “Waiting Around For Gold”:

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