!! OMG, new Grizzly Bear, Fever Ray and La Roux videos! !!

We were so busy ogling naked Euro celebs this week that we almost didn’t notice Grizzly Bear, Fever Ray and La Roux have all released interesting new music videos. But which video is the most interesting?
First, there is “While You Wait For The Others” by Grizzly Bear, a surreal stop-motion video about an agitated fencer who seems to have an active imagination.

Then there is “Seven” from Fever Ray, starring a bunch of cows and a creepy overdressed old lady.

Finally, our favorite not-80s referencing, ginger-flavored pop tart La Roux gets involved in some sort of retro-futuristic post-modern British safari lifestyle pool party orgy co-starring funny fruit faces in the video for “I’m Not Your Toy”. Enjoy!

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1 Comment on "OMG, new Grizzly Bear, Fever Ray and La Roux videos!"

  1. The lady in the Fever Ray video makes me think of Harry Hay.

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