!! OMG, new MGMT: ‘The Youth’ !!

MGMT’s latest video offering is directed by Eric Wareheim of Tim and Eric Awesome Show. Great Job! fame. “The Youth” is one of the more melancholy tracks on MGMT’s Oracular Spectacular album, and the melancholy is overflowing from the four tweens they cast to make this video. Face-slaps, tears, track suits, and sparkle underpants round out the picture. (via The Fader)

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3 Comments on "OMG, new MGMT: ‘The Youth’"

  1. Ah, great song and good concept. thanks for sharing!

  2. James, they did release a 13 minute track not too long ago – look for it on Hypemachine, but really – MGMT boring? Turn on a top 40 station and you’ll be quickly reminded why they’re still fresh when compared.
    This video made me laugh SO hard, not at all what I expected from the song. Eff I love this band!

  3. Saw them here in London, they were terrible, sound nothing like their album live which was really dissapointing, they need to come out with some new stuff, this is all very old and boring now… meh

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