!! OMG, new music for ’09: Lauren Flax feat. Sia! !!

It’s new music week here at omgblog.com! Yes, we’ve dumped our 2008 playlists and are starting afresh by listening only to music set for release in the year ahead. So, each day this week we’ll post a track by a hotly-tipped musician, band or DJ that we think you should know and like.
First up is Lauren Flax, a Brooklyn-based DJ who is on the ‘90s like Delta Burke on Major Dad. Not only does she throw a ‘90s dance party with JD Samson in New York and LA called U.N.I.T.Y., but her feel-good debut single “You’ve Changed” (which features Australian pop singer Sia on vocals) will have you itching to buy brown lip liner and a one-way ticket to 1992.
Hear “You’ve Changed” below or buy it (and a bunch of remixes) exclusively via Beatport as of January 27.

Download “You’ve Changed” by Lauren Flax (feat. Sia)

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1 Comment on "OMG, new music for ’09: Lauren Flax feat. Sia!"

  1. i loved sia from the work she had done with zero 7 and to hear her on this track made me smile ear-to-ear. loved the mix, love the vocal. kudos on the select.

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