!! OMG, new music for ’09: Runaway! !!

It’s not quite the weekend yet, but for this entry of New Music for ’09 we’re taking you straight to the club with the latest from up-and-coming New York-based production duo Runaway (a.k.a. Jacques Renault and Marcos Cabral), who first began surfacing on DJ playlists last year with the epic proto-house monster “Brooklyn Club Jam”. They’ve just released a 12-inch single on New York imprint Wurst Edits that features “Use Me”, a seductive re-edit of Adventures of Stevie V’s classic ’80s house banger, “Dirty Cash (Money Talks)”.
“Use Me” is the kind of track that will make you want to re-enact the nightclub scene from Basic Instinct with your insignificant other(s). I, however, first experienced this song under decidedly more trying circumstances: at the Toronto drag party Hotnuts, where a certain notable Canadian artist in drag was whipping his gnarly-ass wig around like a helicopter blade. Needless to say, I was coughing up crimped hairballs all night.
Anyway, crank “Use Me” below and then reminisce over the original Adventures in Stevie V song after the jump. Or if vinyl is your vice, surf on over to Turntable Lab or Downtown304.com to purchase one of the few remaining copies of “Use Me”/”Just Got Paid”.

Download “Use Me” by Runaway

“Dirty Cash (Money Talks)” by Adventures of Stevie V

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2 Comments on "OMG, new music for ’09: Runaway!"

  1. more like 2007/2008

  2. OMG thats my basic instinct upload! i love this kevin guy already!

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