!! OMG, new music: Refinery 29 Sweet Sixteen !!

The soundtrack for Spring is extremely gay if the new seasonal playlist at Refinery 29 is any indication.
You’ll want to break out your short shorts for club favorites Kelley Polar, Hercules and Love Affair, Hot Chip, and MGMT, and the softer sounds of El Perro Del Mar, Telepathe, and Portishead (new song!) will lull you to sleep after the long night of dancing.
Go listen to the whole “Sweet Sixteen” playlist and download free MP3s of all the songs. Just don’t blame me if your iPod starts exhibiting homosexual tendencies.

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1 Comment on "OMG, new music: Refinery 29 Sweet Sixteen"

  1. this might sound extremely gay, but thanks Frank! this playlist is awesome.

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