!! OMG, new vids: SSION !!

Art-queer-rocker SSION has a couple new vids he wants to share. The first, a cover of Hole’s the Young Marble Giants’ “Credit in the Straight World” is above and you can catch the preview of the tour documentary after the jump. SSION will be on tour starting in December – check the MYSPACE to see all the dates.

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3 Comments on "OMG, new vids: SSION"

  1. these are the kind of kids i love/hate. I love the drive for the arts, but the lack of talent sometimes over shadows. but over all rock on, long live the 90’s!!!

  2. Graydon, you just set me up for a MUSIC SNOB MOMENT. YAY!
    “Credit in the Straight World” was first performed and written by the Young Marble Giants, not Hole. Courtney’s version was a cover. 🙂

  3. Okay song, but sweet Jeebus this hipster obsession with looking like a 70s child molester has GOT TO STOP!

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