!! OMG next year’s OSCAR predictions: Watch the ‘AIRPLANE VS VOLCANO’ Trailer !!

airplane vs volcano number 3.JPG
After watching Jared Leto hit all the marks with his speech last night (unlike that Texan preacher Mcconaughey), it kind of got me wondering who ELSE of my 90s TV crushes could end up with the golden statue next year…
Well! My question has been answered — and it’s oh-so very clear! DEAN CAIN! Check out the trailer for AIRPLANE VS VOLCANO below which co-stars Robin Givens. It’s based on a true story too, and with the vibes I get from Dean, it’s 50/50! He could either acknowledge the community effected by volcanos, or he could get all preachy on us during his acceptance speech — We’ll just have to wait and see!

[via joblo]

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