!! OMG, Nicki Minaj slows it down with Annie Lennox sample !!

Here’s a nice one from Nicki Minaj. The Queens native and Young Money member is fast becoming the most crush-able female rap star around and what’s not to love? She pushes for a more gay-friendly hip-hop culture in interviews, she’s open about her love of Enya and she just sampled Annie Lennox’s classic “No More I Love You’s” for her new slow jam “Your Love”.
A leaked, unfinished version of the song has been circulating for a few months now but this is the final mix, according to Minaj. The introspective lyrical style (think “I Need Love” by LL Cool J) and mid-tempo beat give “Your Love” a more grown-up appeal that will likely broaden her fan base beyond teenage girls and drooling hip-hop blogger dudes.

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