!! OMG, Now She Tells Us: Laura Bush in favor of gay marriage !!

I can never decide if I love or hate Laura Bush. Husbands aside, the chain-smoking, paperback-reading former drug dealer seems like more fun than Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton and The Trunchbull all put together. On the other hand, can we really put husbands aside?
Well, Mrs. Bush’s new memoir is out, and what do you know: it turns out poor Laura is secretly somewhat reasonable. Not only does she think gays should be able to get married she’s also pro-choice. Thanks for telling us now, Laura!

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7 Comments on "OMG, Now She Tells Us: Laura Bush in favor of gay marriage"

  1. I’ve suspected for a while that Laura Bush might be a reasonable person. I always thought she looked uncomfortable when publicly voicing support for her husband.

  2. Mintylaramie | May 12, 2010 at 11:24 pm | Reply

    In this case all you meanies, “pro-choice” may not mean what u think it means and “gay” probably means “happy.”
    You can never be too sure with republicans especially when the husband is Dubya. They talk out of both sides. Even the nice ones.
    P.S. Don’t be mean.

  3. although G-dubs was undoubtedly an embarrassment as the president, i always suspected he and laura to be quite cool people. and it’s not surprising she’s pro-choice, many republicans have to appease the social issues the majority of their party is in favor of. the republican and democrat parties have become so polarized, when really they are almost the same thing. if you truly value personal freedom above all else-be a libertarian!

  4. @ Derp
    The choice of maintaining the control over her vagina, or to give that up and let the government force her to push out a newborne child against her will.

  5. Dear Derp,
    Choice of what, you ask?
    Abortion, ya dumbass.
    Go learn something.

  6. OMG, do kids seriously not know what pro-choice means?! That’s it- I think I’ve heard the last thing I ever care to hear from one of these tweeners.

  7. Choice of what?

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