!! OMG, one for the history books: Michelle Obama’s full DNC speech !!

With two days now to marinate in our minds, First Lady Michelle Obama’s speech at the Tuesday’s DNC kickoff has proved a truly remarkable moment in American Presidential politics. Warm, relevant, impassioned — these words from this woman make a statement of empowerment not only for her husband’s campaign, but for people the world over struggling to better their lives. She delivers it, I might add, while looking the most gorgeous she’s ever been (and there have been some incredible looks). I’m saying you should give it a watch if you haven’t already, mmk?

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  1. I didn’t vote n the last election because I was VERY PRO Hillary, but this time around my vote goes too Obama, he’s done the best he can dealing with the hater Repubs, and was handed a total mess when he took office, but another very LARGE reason is also, I was raised a Mormon and there is no way in hell being raised one, I could EVER vote for one for anything, not even if a gun was put too my head.

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