!! OMG, one or two Republicans don’t completely hate gays !!

A few Republicans support gay marriage! No really! What does this mean? Well who the f*ck knows, really, because what the Republican party is so fractured and weird that who even knows what it means to be a conservative anymore? Does it mean you’re a greedy pig who doesn’t want to pay taxes or does it mean you’re a lunatic who spends all day hoping for a firebreathing Jesus Christ to descend from the heavens and kill everyone? I mean, both, kind of! But it appears that a few Republicans are starting to understand that classic conservative principles of small government don’t really square with the current Republican policy of being the party of judgey theocratic bitchery.
And these few people are coming out in support of gay marriage! Herbert Hoover’s granddaughter Margaret just wrote an op-ed for the Fox News website (!!!) floating the crazy notion that everyone should be kind of equal. I know, right!?
Margaret Hoover writes:

Gays and lesbians are our friends, neighbors, doctors, colleagues, sisters and brothers. Does it sit well with you that because of their sexual orientation, a factor outside one’s control, that they should have less rights and protections in the eyes of the law? While increasing acceptance of gays marks my generational experience–Ellen DeGeneres is welcomed into the living rooms of millions of Americans daily, an impossibility in even my childhood– many who are older than me fear that if gays and lesbians can marry, what’s next? They worry that homosexual marriage degrades the integrity of heterosexual marriage. They fear that their children might be exposed to alternative lifestyles that will impact them negatively, or argue that the purpose of marriage is procreation. If you are uncomfortable with gay marriage, I encourage you to pay attention to this trial, the plaintiffs, the defense and the spectrum of experts, historians, psychologists, economists, political scientists, who will testify as to the effects and detriment of Proposition 8. In the words of NAACP chairman Julian Bond, “The humanity of all Americans is diminished when any group is denied rights granted to others.”

It’s almost enough to make me change my voter registration. Oh, except for the fact that conservative Dick Cheney also (sort of) supports gay marriage and is nonetheless one of the biggest villains of all time. Never mind!
[Fox News]

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15 Comments on "OMG, one or two Republicans don’t completely hate gays"

  1. you rock bmad, and your rants are right. ignore the republican troll fucks above. why does every site have to be “fair and balanced”? or even pretend to be (like fox). as for the trolls: if you think most republicans (not conservatives – republicans) do not really and truly hate gay people then you are even more delusional than your comments here imply (and you’re already in alice-in-wonderland territory).

  2. Hi ICanHas! Thank you for your great feedback! This may come as a shock, but there are actually compelling reasons to hate the republican party that have absolutely nothing to do with gays or gay marriage!
    If you had actually read this post, you would see that that’s kind of my point. You would also see that I don’t actually bring up how much I love Barack Obama or the Democrats. I actually basically agree with Andrew Sullivan, who recently wrote that “The Democrats are a clapped out, gut-free lobbyist machine. The Republicans are insane. The system is therefore paralyzed beyond repair.” (Although if given the choice i always would vote for a bunch of dickless do-nothings before a bunch of crazed theocrats but that’s just me.)

  3. “I do not support gay marriage. Marriage has religious and social connotations, and I consider marriage to be between a man and a woman.” — Barack Obama
    So, is Barack Obama “a greedy pig who doesn’t want to pay taxes” or “a lunatic who spends all day hoping for a firebreathing Jesus Christ to descend from the heavens and kill everyone”?
    By the way, Democrats control the House, the Senate, and the Oval Office. If you are unhappy with the lack of pro-gay legislation, you should direct your anger toward the Democrats, i.e., the people who pretend to care about you in exchange for your vote, and then promptly go back to hating you.

  4. Ah yes, here are the lovely, open-minded, peace loving libs that everyone talks about….you people are so predictable it’s almost funny. 🙂
    Have a nice day!

  5. Who are all these self-hating Republican fag pigs?? Are you are just really greedy or stupid? Either way, there is no excuse for this. It seems like the prevailing attitude here is “just let me just look at celebrity Ds in peace without dirtying my pretty mind with endless wars, homophobia, racism and the subjugation of women, at least I’m rich and white and male and Bush was so hotttttt!!!” I hope none of you live in Massachusetts, because I’m sure you’d be pulling out all the stops for Scott Brown in the hopes of seeing his cock. LOL, who cares???

  6. Well, let me say first, that I consider myself pretty conservative in my beliefs, values, and fiscal responsibility. So, maybe that makes me a Republican. I also say live and let live, so maybe that makes me a Democrat. However, I find it upsetting that Republicans are stereotyped on this blog over and over as being evil, bigoted, and full of hate. Because, that is what this blog has become! You don’t agree with me or my way of thinking – you are a bigot who deserves to burn in hell. You complain that that is how you (and all gay people) are treated, yet spew the same venom right back at anyone who disagrees. It doesn’t make you or them right. It makes you both bigotted hypocrites. Peace out!

  7. hi zzj! if i didn’t think free speech extended to people who didn’t agree with me, i would probably delete comments like yours instead of approving them, don’t you think? anyway, i totally endorse everyone’s right to say whatever stupid shit they please! i even invite them to do it in the comment section of OMG blog!

  8. Wow, that’s all you could say for yourself? You are bigoted, and there’s no excuse for it, even iif the people you dislike don’t always represent truly good beliefs. There are crazies on both sides, but what you say seriously crosses a line (which you are allowed to cross because of free speech – something you seem to not believe extends to anyone who disagrees with you). I’m not saying you should agree with people against LGBT rights – far from the contrary – but don’t stoop to their level and engage in the kind of hate speech used by the types of fringe Evangelist cults that say things like “God hates fags”. You can make things better by rising above it. It is truly sad that you do not.

  9. oh yes, the old “it’s bigoted to dislike bigotry” argument.

  10. I really wish you’d let up on your constant hate rants. Your negativity has really made this blog worse – and I mean “negativity” as in your quasi-hate speech towards anyone who doesn’t agree with *you*. You know, the thing you accuse others of doing. You are a hypocrite, on top of being narrow-minded and prejudiced. You disgust me, you pig.

  11. Not every Republican hates gays! And why is it OK for Obama to oppose gay marriage, and still get the adoration of gay interest groups? The ultimate goal here is that both main parties support gay equality so we stop being a wedge issue and electoral bloodsport. So play nice, k?

  12. So when will you guys ever learn that democrats are the most derogatory, most racist, most bigoted group on the planet? All they ever do is give lip service – and not the good kind. THEY are the ones that always want to be all up in everyone’s business. Why you find republicans such an easy target for your misguidance is beyond me.

  13. There seems to me a trickle of Centrist rejuvenation. Let’s hope. It’s better than where we’ve been but far from where we need to get to…again.

  14. I hope this catches on. I might still disagree with Republicans, but I’d like to be able to respect them.

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