!! OMG, oops: Hairspranus !!

A Romanian woman had to have surgery to get a can of hairspray out of her bum-bum. She claims she “tripped and fell on it”. Why be ashamed of it? Lara-Flynn Boyle lives in my asshole.

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3 Comments on "OMG, oops: Hairspranus"

  1. She just said she tripped and fell. Just because she didn’t say that she was dating a can of hairspray when her squat gave out doesn’t mean she’s a liar.
    Poor lady, looks like cheap aerosol.

  2. These people are idiots and pathetic. Why lie? No one believes that story. Isn’t lying about it and getting caught more embarrassing than saying that you were having sex and you wanted to try something kinky?
    But I feel sorry for this woman and angry at media outlets for publishing this story with the sole purpose to humiliate people.

  3. I cannot believe people continue to even bother with such a pathetic lie. Most gay men or anyone who’s had a rectal exam can tell you that anything larger than a finger is NOT going to get past the anus on the first shot, especially not without lube.
    Add to that, oh the can was standing upright, I had no pants on, and tripped but fell backwards. Um, no. If I was gonna lie about it I’d at least say that a scary man broke into my house and sodomized me with a can of hairspray when I didn’t have any cash. At least that COULD happen, and shows some imagination.

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