!! OMG, ouch: No love for MDNA from the LA Times !!


“The Madonna of today has lost the art of surprise, and the shock and awe she used to inspire with each new move have gone the way of her bullet bra and taffeta skirts. More important, Madge seems to have lost her ability to create in that magical space that pushes pop forward while remaining completely of the moment.”

—Randall Roberts reviewing Madonna’s 12th studio album, MDNA, for the LA Times music blog

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13 Comments on "OMG, ouch: No love for MDNA from the LA Times"

  1. Oh, and, by the way: Chrism. She won a Golden Globe Award for the BALLAD called Masterpiece off of MDNA. Study before posting. And to make matters worse, there’s a ballad on there called Falling Free too. Hmmm…..

  2. OMG Gays. Really? Madonna always gets the “horrible album, so not as good as Ray of Light…omg…I wish she would just get old and die already” wrap.
    WTF? I mean, really what we should be saying is that, “Fuck. This lady is 54 years old. And, damn! Her last 4 albums were NOT as good as Ray of Light BUT they were ALL better than ALL of Britney’s, or Gaga’s, or Beyonce’s, or Mariah’s, or Janet’d, or pretty much ANYbody elses”.
    Geez, silly faggots. Love what you love and leave the things you hate to the republicans.

  3. The album is AMAZING!! dancing to the beats no stop. I CAN see older guys on here ifyou are above 40yo to not like it…possibly you into slower ballads or kenny G type of music..THIS ALBUM IS FOR THE YOUNG AT HEART!!!

  4. MacDonna the product | March 27, 2012 at 8:52 am | Reply

    If Madonna gets any more generic she’s gonna become asphalt And I don’t mean it in the underground edgy way I mean Tesco parking lot generic

  5. And Madonna releases another mediocre album. Hard Candy was a shitty album and MDNA is just as shitty as the previous one. She is trying so hard to be relevant and is not working. She became SO boring.

  6. This release gave me a headache. Mundane, overly-pop trash that should have been left in the can. At least SOME of her old tunes had a catchy beat that made you ….MAYBE….play it again. I hit the delete button on this bitter pill. SEE Ya!

  7. It’s an amazing album, IMO. Surprisingly, most reviews have been great…Hardly mixed…Overwhelmingly positive. Madonnarama.com and drownedmadonna.com are compiling all reviews – negative and positive, and the positive win out by a landslide…I guess you had to work a little harder to post a negative review…Kudos on your hard work.

  8. I think she’s in denial that she’s an over 50 mother of several kids. She needs to reach into her life and connect her music to it, like she used to. There is nothing personal from her anymore. At 54, she is not a girl, she is a woman. When was the last time we got a ballad from her? She used to do those so well!

  9. Wow! You guys are vicious! Her songs aren’t THAT bad. Geesh, lighten up. Have a little respect for our Mother Superior.

  10. Someone commented elsewhere that she should be told it’s 2012 not 1992. I agree. If I had been told Girl Gone Wild was a previously unreleased track from 20 yrs ago, I’d have believed it.

  11. So sick of the crazy Madonna fans out there who would sing and dance to a recording of her farts. The album is OK but it gets annoying after a while. Too try-hard. Horrible chorus on Girl Gone Wild. Turn Up the Radio is the only thing I’m listening to, and even that feels half-baked. Queen needs to hand over her crown or release something real, not these echoes of others.

  12. bitter, bitter, bitter

  13. Sry Madonna fans but I agree. I think her new album is totally boring and there is nothing new or fresh on it. Some songs are good but not the best. There is really nothing innovative in it. It’s a general boring pop album. ( btw I dont care about the songs I want more videos like girl gone wild XD )

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