!! OMG, out of the race: Michele Bachmann can go away now !!

If you believe in a God, take a little moment to thank him/her/it for Michele Bachmann‘s withdrawal from the Presidential race. The Tea Party poster lady placed sixth in the Iowa caucuses, whereas the ever-handsome Mitt Romney took the top spot by .1% — beating out Rick Santorum and third-place finisher Ron Paul. Newt Gingrich and Rick Perry I won’t even mention because they’ll never be the Republican nominee. Ever.
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4 Comments on "OMG, out of the race: Michele Bachmann can go away now"

  1. Sorry, but I’ll take another 4 years of Obama over any of those republican d-bags running. Have any of you actually looked into their politics?
    This is exactly what’s wrong with the people of the USA. Each and every one of you will bite your noses off to spite your face. The other running candidates hate gays, tout religion, are anti-women and gay rights, etc…but they’re all perfectly okay just cuz you hate the guy that’s currently in power. Someone needs to start injecting the water supply with brain cells, the majority of you are clearly lacking.

  2. just as long as obama isnt president i could really care less… anything is better than that .

  3. If only we could rid the race of B. Hussein Obama-the worst thing to happen to the USA since our founding!

  4. Michele Bachmann out. Marcus Bachmann not so much.

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