!! OMG, Pardon His Realness: Steven Slater to get reality show !!

Don’t think he’s going away any time soon! Feisty former flight attendant Steven Slater is getting ready to renew his fifteen minutes of fame with a reality show. Stone Entertainment– producers of such reality classics such as The Mole, Ivana Young Man and NYC Prep— has offered the obviously-unbalanced steward his own reality show, in which he would help people quit their jobs in outrageous ways. Sounds like a keeper!

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3 Comments on "OMG, Pardon His Realness: Steven Slater to get reality show"

  1. OMG Gordon! You made me laugh! Too true…

  2. This is just scraping the bottom of the barrel. it seems that any moron or loser or in this case lawbreaker can get on tv these days. All you need to do is make an ass of your self.
    This “steward” needs to get sent to jail, for breaking the law, and he should never again be hired by any Flight company.
    Why dont people get that, and instead he gets applauded for quitting his job?

  3. The first person he should help quit, is the fuckwit who thought up the reality show.

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