!! OMG, peen or no peen? The debate over Jon Hamm’s pants !!

When you look at the photo above, how inclined are you to believe that you’re actually looking at Jon Hamm‘s peen? Those must be one thiiiiiiin pair of chinos for the Mad Men actor’s downstairs neighbor to make such a noticeable appearance on the streets of New York. Or maybe, just maybe, Gawker is running a misleadingly Photoshopped image of the star — at least, so says the commenter below, AliceCT, who knows what she’s talking about because she does “Photoshop alterations for a living.” True or not true, peen or no peen, the follow-up to Alice’s comment is even better.
(via Gawker)

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5 Comments on "OMG, peen or no peen? The debate over Jon Hamm’s pants"

  1. I had actually heard that a brand of underwear wanted to give him free undies cause people were starting to say the could notice his “impressive” package on screen but
    No one was complaining

  2. This was featured on todays (5/7/13) episodes of the CBS show the Doctors.

  3. I dont believe this to be photoshopped simply because I was watching madmen on netflix last night and noticed that exact same package. Episode 106 @ 3:20 while to secretary says “congratulations mr Draper”…. take a good look at whats going on down there!

  4. The problem with those naysayers saying this is photoshopped is that they need to realize that this is one photo of many from that stroll down the streets of NYC. So if this one’s photoshopped, then someone went to a lot of trouble to photoshop all the other photos from that day and all the photos of John Hamm ever that show him packing. Face it, the dude’s hung like a freaking horse with freaking bull balls to boot and since he frequently goes commando, you’re going to get quite the eye-full.

  5. I’ve seen ALOT of photoshopped dicks, this looks completely geniune. What alice does’nt know (because she’s a girl) this is exactly what happens when you wear cotton pants with no breifs on a windy day. And the follow up photos kind of prove it.

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