!! OMG Phone Sexagenarian !!

Have you ever been curious about what the person you’re having phone-sex with really looks like? Well if you’re lucky, they could turn out to be a stunner like the star of the short film “Phone Sex Grandma”, 60-year-old Opal Dockery.
Opal spews out smut from the hole above her tube-top like a pro while taking out the trash, bathing, and going potty. Potty-mouth that is.
Be warned, the (audio) content in the above video is NSFW and foul! That’s why we love it, right?
Thanks to Kevin R. for the hot steamy tip.

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3 Comments on "OMG Phone Sexagenarian"

  1. Hilarious. Thanks.

  2. This is the best find of 2008 so far.

  3. What we can take away from this is: Straight men are freaks beyond all common understanding. Is there a man left in America who doesn’t secretly fantasize about getting it anally? No doubt all her clients hang up, wash off, turn the volume up again on Rush Limbaugh, and look for the next crusade they can join for “family values.”

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