!! OMG, plainly put: Mitt Romney blasts same-sex parenting !!

“Every child has the right to have a mother and a father,” says Mitt Romney in this campaign video making the latest viral rounds. But if that child turns out to be gay, he or she doesn’t have the right to be a mother or a father, apparently.

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5 Comments on "OMG, plainly put: Mitt Romney blasts same-sex parenting"

  1. hi Rebster, we didn’t approve comments for a few days due to the weather in New York. Sorry about that! We’re right there with you in urging all gay people to vote in this election. I hope you’ll come back and see us sometime. xo Frank

  2. u didnt post my comment for some unknown reason about this moron and getting off ur asses and voting for gay rights and our well being, so I will no longer visit ur sight ever again.

  3. Every child has the right to be raised by loving, responsible adults. Sometimes, that’s a mother and a father. Sometimes it’s two fathers. Sometimes it’s two mothers. Sometimes they’re raised by grandparents. Gender and age aren’t nearly as important as the home being a loving and supportive one.

  4. How is this race even close? How are so many people able to throw women, LGBTQ people, racial/ethnic minorities, the poor and the middle class under the bus with clear consciences?
    Don’t tell me “to fix the economy.” The guy who left Massachusetts a billion dollars in debt, who didn’t even bother running for re-election there because he stood no chance, and who won’t be voted for by the state he governed in the upcoming election isn’t our economy’s savior, that’s for sure.

  5. be prepared people, if this moron wins,he is gonna do his best too set back n e rights we have back into the dark ages, get off ur asses and go VOTE for YOUR RIGHTS and YOUR WELL BEING!!!

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