!! OMG, please vote: Gay Bloggies, Round 7 !!

For round 7 of the Gay Bloggies, we had to discuss the Hottest Man On Planet Earth, and I chose one of my competitors. A risky move, for sure! But I know you all love me enough to give me the thumbs up and keep me in the race.
I’m also happy to announce that if I win the competition (the prize is cash and a bunch of porn), I will give away each of the fourteen porn memberships to my supportive readers who helped me get there (see the list of porn prizes here)! But remember, only if I win. So please vote for me and get your friends to vote for me! Only a few more rounds to go! xo Frank

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5 Comments on "OMG, please vote: Gay Bloggies, Round 7"

  1. I’ll definitely give you a thumbs up every time. but BRYANBOY?!?!? Sorry but he makes me gag (and not just because he’s sticking his finger down his own throat over a toilet in one of those pictures).

  2. THUMBS DOWN DAN RENZI!!! (Who cares that he’s still not in the competition. I do what Romaine says.)

  3. i always vote, too! not just a thumbs up for you, but a thumbs down for every one else!

  4. Don’t worry I vote each time.

  5. I voted!

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