!! OMG poor Anderson !!

SOUP CANS has dug up this incredible clip of Anderson Cooper when he was on ABC World News Now.
In this amazing TV carnage, a couple of women who call themselves “Mitchellettes” embarrass themselves by doing pre-school dance routines to crappy songs. Then Andy’s mom, Gloria Vanderbilt, comes in and sings a breathy/creepy song while staring at her son. And finally, the family album comes out and they show off some of Anderson’s baby pictures.
That shot of Anderson from the photo album where he’s holding the camera is HOT! When he puts on his butch face I get gushy.
Frank’s kitty, Anderson Pooper, is now officially pissed that I don’t dress up in my pink skirt and sing to him like I used to.

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3 Comments on "OMG poor Anderson"

  1. I love his embarrassed giggling. Charming.

  2. It’s always great when the children of privilege rise above their humble beginnings and into the realm of public adoration and fame.

  3. A Hirschfeld caricature of his Ford model headshot? That’s one seriously post-modern family photo album.

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