!! OMG, pretty pussy: Luna the fashion kitty !!

Dressing your pet in imitation people-clothes straddles a thin line between creepy and adorable. Wrapping your cat in a miniature fur coat? Creepy (and redundant). Topping your turtle off with a head bow? Adorable (but it’ll fall off when they pop back into their shell, just fyi).
Luna the fashion kitty, however, wears clothes because she loves them. Simple as that. Just ask her Facebook page:

Luna is a kitty that LOVES FASHION she lives in Arizona and is from Mexico, she is the ultimate top kitty model, nobody walks the cat walk like her (sorry Tyra), she also enjoys doing TRICKS like a dog.

For a deeper look inside Luna’s closet, follow the jump.
(via Racked)


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6 Comments on "OMG, pretty pussy: Luna the fashion kitty"

  1. Dear Anderson Pooper and the OMG Team,
    Thanks fur write a post about me! i really appreciate, i am so happy you liked my photos!
    purrs and love,
    ps: that Joe needs some love lol

  2. Hi,Joe
    Upon viewing your comment of your clear presentation of “Distaste” to the subject of cats, It has become apparent to me that you are someone “Like many”. Who have faith in the rather ignorant notion that their opinion is of far greater importance than that of anyone else’s. I strongly feel that you must take many’s love for cats into consideration before submitting comments of such nature. I believe that it may very well better you as an individual within online society. For the creation of comments which are viewed upon by many within the cat loving community to “Offensive” based upon what is accepted to be the standard, and as a result of the “Love” factor in one’s judgement upon another’s statement’s. Thus, it would be quite wise of you to refrain from making comments of such a Kitty Fashion in the future.
    Your time spent in the discussion of this most unpleasent matter is greatly appreciated, thank you.
    With love,
    Sophie Meowsalot.

  3. I love Luna..she is adorable and brightens my day and is a sweet change from all the crap of the world..don’t diss her or feel my wrath!

  4. Dear Joe,
    !! omg blog !! likes kitties and always has. Deal with it!
    xo Anderson Pooper and the OMG Team

  5. Here we go .. another kitty post.. this is what I screamed when seeing this WTH!! – NOT OMG!!

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