!! OMG, preview: Blaine serenades Kurt on tonight’s ‘Glee’ !!

Kurt: cute in a quirky sorta way.
Blaine: adorable like a puppy dog.
Watching Blaine serenade Kurt: kiiiiinda creepy.
Like, what’s with this guy? Blaine unsuccessfully belted one out for his blond-coiffed crush at the Gap, and since getting together with Kurty-Kurt, he’s turned his vocal cords on yet another guy. I get that this is a musical show, yes, but still I’d be hella-freaked-out if my boyfriend showed up at school with backup singers. AmIrightoramIright?
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7 Comments on "OMG, preview: Blaine serenades Kurt on tonight’s ‘Glee’"

  1. JEFFREY S YORK | April 27, 2011 at 1:11 pm | Reply

    Before I saw it I would have said ‘creepy’, but in context of the show, it was nice. The Glee club knew it was going to happen. What’s weird about a piano being there.

  2. This was extremely romantic. We are so cynical to romance that when something like this falls in front of us we’re always trying to criticize it negatively. This was beautiful, not creepy. I cried and now hate all men because they are not this romantic or as talented to pull this off :/.

  3. i like blaine’s eyebrows a lot.

  4. My LEAST favorite storyline on Glee — I don’t know what it is… I’m as queer as a cowboy in heels but this whole Kurt/Blaine thing is SOOOO annoying. Kurt is way too whiny for my tastes and not a character I can relate to. I wish the producers would stick to song performances in appropriate locations… Last time I checked, there are no grand pianos in the social quads of my local high school. Cheesy for sure!!

  5. I don’t think it’s creepy at all. I think it’s actually really sweet. I wouldn’t be freaked out considering so much of their lives revolves around being members of a glee club.

  6. To anyone who watches Glee regularly, this is the furthest thing from creepy that we’ve seen on the show.
    Glee is all about expressing yourself through music, and the Warblers have only gone out in public a couple times for (seemingly) special occasions – at the request of both Blaine and Kurt. To that end, if you were Kurt, it would be quite touching for the Warblers to sing to you like in this video.
    Thank you for posting this though – I had not seen this preview yet. I’m looking forward to watching this week’s episode. 🙂

  7. You are wrong. And possibly a little jaded. This was sweet.

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