!! OMG, Pumpkin Soup! !!

I know American Thanksgiving was yesterday, but I just came across this video today. Being a music video director I don’t usually post music videos on my site (competition girlfriends!), but I thought this was a fitting post to leave you with for the American Thanksgiving weekend. Enjoy British sensation KATE NASH’S video for Pumpkin Soup, complete with cute boy, candy coloured everything, and kitty people.
And as an added bonus view my one of my all-time favourite videos after the jump.

The above video is called “Human” from the Danish band Carpark North. It’s a couple years old but it’s near perfection. Directed by Martin de Thurah.
Thanks to CLAIRE for reminding me.

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4 Comments on "OMG, Pumpkin Soup!"

  1. OMG this blog is shit!

  2. OMG, She’s fabulous!

  3. yeah, it’s a stretch, but it’s about pumpkin soup. pumpkins. fall. thanksgiving? close enough.

  4. I think that this video is cute but I am not sure how it ties in with our Thanksgiving Day…

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