!! OMG, the Australian Prime Minister eats his own ear wax! !!

Kevin Rudd, who won the race to become Australia’s Prime Minister on Saturday, can be seen eating his own ear wax in the above clip. He’s the man sitting to the left behind the speaker.

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3 Comments on "OMG, the Australian Prime Minister eats his own ear wax!"


  2. It was a landslide (or Ruddslide) for the Australian Labor Party, thank god! After 11 years, countless lies and evil deeds, Australians finally said no to little Johnny. Voting is compulsory in Australia so the result is a true reflection of what we want. Hopefully now Australia will turn back into a society rather than just an economy.
    P.S. this video is SOOOOO old! Like 10 years if you can’t tell by their clothes. Rudd maintains he was not eating his wax…lol

  3. Based on what you’ve said I simply cannot watch that clip. I was in Australia this last summer though, and I know that the Aussies would take about anyone over JH (whom they referred to as Bon Zai for little Bush).

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