!! OMG, quotes of the day: Giorgio Armani is the new Russell Tovey !!

If you are a famous fashion designer, 2015 is the year to say something controversial to piss off your gay clientele. Armani is no exception!

On muscular men:
“I don’t like muscle boy. Not too much gym! I like somebody healthy, somebody solid, who looks after his body but doesn’t use his muscles too much.”
On boob jobs:
“Idiocy . . . A small breast does not have to become big. I prefer to look at a natural woman. A woman should be courageous to become older, not be desperate to look younger than her age.”
On gay men who dresses too flamboyant:
“When homosexuality is exhibited to the extreme to say, ‘Ah, you know I’m homosexual’ – that has nothing to do with me – a man has to be a man.”

He must have upset half of Los Angeles with those three quotes!

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3 Comments on "OMG, quotes of the day: Giorgio Armani is the new Russell Tovey"

  1. What’s the controversy? He is attracted to a certain type. We all are. That’s how the world works.

  2. This is actually the least offensive thing that has been said all year, lol!

  3. Is there anything that doesn’t offend you? Jeez, every day there’s a relatively innocuous comment that gets somebody’s panties in a bunch. EVERY comment can offend if you try hard enough.
    Get a life, focus on what’s really important.

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