!! OMG, remember when? Rihanna covers Destiny’s Child !!

Relive a moment from 2005 with me, won’t you? At the World Music Awards that year, Amerie, Rihanna, and Teairra Mari performed a version of Destiny’s Child’s hit “Loose My Breath.” Only — because this was the pre-edgy, pre-fashion fixture Rihanna — Barbados’ #1 girl was actually #2 in the lineup. And where is Amerie these days? Mmhmm.

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5 Comments on "OMG, remember when? Rihanna covers Destiny’s Child"

  1. Actually the #1 spot was not Amerie … That is Teiairra Mari … Amerie did the Michelle part that no one cares about.

  2. Rihanna always had star qualities and sounded great. She had Bey moving in the crowd. Ameriie sounded great too. Teairra Mari was always overrated and is jealous of Rihanna’s success.

  3. Amerie’s an underrated treasure, 2009’s IN LOVE AND WAR was magnificent.

  4. To be fair, Amerie has the best voice of the three. It’s not exactly fair that we live in a Britney Spears world. (Well, not fair to those of us who value talent.)

  5. if anybody needed proof that she could never sing in key here it is. The other two blew her out of the water

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