!! OMG, revealed: Madonna’s ‘MDNA’ album cover !!

Madonna explained the “triple entendre” in the name of her new album MDNA last night on the Tonight Show: 1. Her name 2. The “DNA of M” 3. The drug that creates “feelings of euphoric love.”
So is this cover giving you the feeling?

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5 Comments on "OMG, revealed: Madonna’s ‘MDNA’ album cover"

  1. Panting… with anticipation… can’t… wait… All is about to be right with the world again…

  2. Is that picture an out take from her Vogue period, around 1990? Sure looks like it. No matter what, she is still white trash from Michigan.

  3. Hell yeah!
    It’s fabulous.
    Bring it on Madge.

  4. madonaaaaa rocks 😀

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