!! OMG, RIP: Dick Butt !!

If there’s one thing we know about here at OMG Blog, it’s Dicks…and Butts. And the world lost one of its greatest Dick Butts this year. More from Death & Taxes:

On Friday, 93-year-old Richard A. “Dick” Butt passed away in his hometown of Spokane, Washington, after struggling with heart disease for several months. He was born in Washington state on April 4, 1921, and had seven siblings. His parents, Will and Helen Butt, raised him on a farm. The obituary in the Spokesman Review noted that, in high school, Dick “was remembered for his pitching prowess.”

RIP Dick Butt!

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  1. Had a boss that lived between two houses where the people on one side, their last name was “Butts” and the other side were the “Dicks”. I told him that made him a vagina.

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