!! OMG, Robyn reveals full details for “turbo” Body Talk album !!

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Robyn has unveiled the artwork and tracklisting for the “turbo version” of Body Talk, or the album formerly known as Body Talk Pt. 3. Simply entitled Body Talk, the final installment in the album triptych is due out in the United States on Nov. 22 and as expected it will contain five new songs, as well as five tracks apiece from the previous two Body Talk releases. In a blog posting, Robyn wrote that she hopes to continue her prolific way of recording and releasing music next year:

It was never my goal to break some kind of a world record in how many songs I could release in a year. Although I think it would count as a pretty good attempt, it’s been about the process for me. It’s been very interesting to try and figure out a more organic way of making music. A way that is unbiased and has it’s starting point in what feels logical to me, but also to the listeners.

Even though it was never a conceptual idea, but a practical solution to the problem of getting bored with just doing one thing at a time, it has influenced not only the music, but all the visual content for the album as well. And the way I’ve communicated with press and listeners. It’s been amazing to share the process with you. As soon as I have had an idea of what I’m doing so have the fans and that interaction has been super interesting and fun to me. As I’m writing this, I am still mixing the third album

Here is the Body Talk tracklisting:
1. Fembot
2. Don´t fucking tell me what to do
3. Dancing on my own
4. Indestructible
5. Time Machine
6. Love kills
7. Hang with me
8. Call your girlfriend
9. None of dem
10. We dance to the beat
11. U should know better
12. Dance hall queen
13. Get myself together
14. In my eyes
15. Stars 4-ever
Listen to “Indestructible”, the lead single from Body Talk, here and check out Robyn’s forthcoming tour dates after the jump.

Robyn’s fall 2010 North American tour dates:
Nov 5 – Miami Beach, FL @ The Fillmore at Jackie Gleason
Nov 6 – Orlando, FL @ Club Firestone
Nov 7 – Tampa, FL @ The Ritz Ybor
Nov 8 – Atlanta, GA @ Buckhead Theatre
Nov 10 – New York, NY @ Terminal 5
Nov 12 – Toronto, ON @ The Sound Academy
Nov 13 – Chicago, IL @ Metro (Sold Out)
Nov 14 – Minneapolis, MN @ Fine Line Music Café
Nov 17 – Los Angeles, CA @ Club Nokia
Nov 19 – Vancouver, BC @ Venue Vancouver (Sold Out)
Nov 20 – Portland, OR @ Wonder Ballroom
Nov 21 – Seattle, WA @ Neumos
Nov 23 – San Francisco, CA @ The Warfield

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7 Comments on "OMG, Robyn reveals full details for “turbo” Body Talk album"

  1. even though i love robyn to death, i kind of agree with conor, here, if only because i’m the kind of person who likes everything nice and neat and orderly. i think if you’re going to set up a pattern of a certain amount of songs and box them up in parts one and two, why can’t you name the last part Pt. 3? it’s just consistent.
    nevertheless, i’m still going to get the third album because she’s amazing and i love whatever she produces. she’s lucky there–if she weren’t absolutely brilliant, i’d be furious.

  2. @Conor – As a recovering Bjork fan from the ’90s, I feel for you. So many box sets, singles, DVDs, VHS tapes, Japanese editions. So many duplications. And yet I bought them all. Back in the day you had to buy three CDs per single and Bjork would put out, like, six singles per album plus all the white label remixes and DJ releases. And of course the CD singles didn’t fit on those CD shelves properly, creating another organizational headache when it came to cataloguing them in chronological order according to release date. I remember when the “Family Tree” box set came out a reporter accused her of fatiguing her fans by releasing too much stuff and she responded by saying something like, “Well, I’m not FORCING anyone to buy anything.” Which, you have to admit, is basically true.
    You’ll probably be able to buy the five new Robyn tracks online for $0.99 each so that’s less than $5. Otherwise buy the vinyl and bask in the packaging.

  3. conor, the comment approval system is mostly in place to keep out spam. while we do have a general policy of also filtering “hate speech,” our bar for that is fairly high. (and things also slip through the cracks.) people say mean shit to me constantly in these comments, though, so i feel your pain!

  4. Well I guess the comment approval system is just for show then! I won’t be commenting anymore since any coward with a keyboard can detract from discussion with the sole intent to instigate arguments, stereotype and name-call. Au revoir, OMG. I’m read-only now.

  5. Totally agree with you Conor. I’m a hardcore loyal Robyn fan but my issue is that I really wanted 3 albums of all new stuff. After listening to the ROBYN CD for years and waiting for new material I was so excited to go from singing the same 11 or so songs to having at least 30 new ones to learn.I loved Body Talk PTs 1 & 2 as stand alones–Part 1 being amazing! But I do feel a little gipped. I don’t know if the task was just so overwhelming and then she started touring or what. No doubt I’ll see her here in L.A. next month– and I saw her a couple of months ago with Kelis and the show was hot! Don’t care so much about the song choices as much as they aren’t all new.

  6. Anastasia Beverhausen | October 20, 2010 at 4:20 pm | Reply

    Who the h*ll are you anyway to play the gatekeeper on whats hot and whats not, what should be included and what not. If you are a real fan of Robyn, you would bow down at this endless well of emotive dance music. If you cannot appreciate her choices make ur own album out of everything she has been offering. Pretty much every song has been remixed to the max by topnotch teams all over the globe. This was the whole concept behind this trilogy; for fans to assemble their own tracklisting. You should be thankfull. Your lame gaga comparison is an ill attempt to sound intelligent.
    As for “one of them’, ha! , its actually one of the best produced dark dance tracks of the last decade. You’re probably residing in the States and this Skandinavian soundscape really doesn’t resonate with ur hillbilly preferences. You’re not a real fan, you’re a faker, lashing out to your provider once not met your crappy personal standards.
    I for one consider the whole body talk concept + the autonomous direction Robyn has chosen a new standard in popular music. I have seen Robyn 4 times and she surpasses every last performance by miles again and again. She is probably the hardest working, and most intelligent and explorative artist in popular music right now, both on stage and in the studio.
    You shouldnt be commenting your vile, you should sit in a dark corner, weep and shut the f*ck up.
    a real Robyn fan.

  7. So she not only refuses to release a more budget priced version of the new songs in a Volume 3 set for her loyal, less casual fans, but she excludes 2 of the best songs from the past 2 albums (Cry When You Get Older and Criminal Intent)? That’s just adding insult to injury. Really, Robyn? Dance Hall Queen and None of Dem could have safely been left off, and We Dance To The Beat definitely should have been (though it makes for very adequate background music.) Include Me Out was catchy, too, and it had a couple great gay shout-outs that would have been well-deserved inclusions for her fans. Hell, why not just include those 3 songs as bonus tracks or something? I’m annoyed. I am a rabid Robyn fan since her self-titled one a few years ago, but I will not be paying more than $6 bucks for this shameless cash-in scheme. If that means waiting several months, so be it. Maybe she’ll wise up a la Gaga and decide to execute a separate release once the ethics of it all is pointed out to her. But probably not.

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